Behind the Scenes: How Pubs Prepare for Major Sports Events

When a big event is approaching the corner, it's an exciting time not only for the fans but also for the sports pubs anticipating the event. Do you ever wonder what it takes to turn your favourite neighbourhood pubs showing Stan Sport into a humming, lively centre of activity on game day? Let's get a behind-the-scenes peek at the setups providing the ideal sports viewing experience.

Stocking Up Ahead of the Rush

The first thing a pub needs to do is make sure it's stocked. It must plan for the growing demand for a range of drinks, including non-alcoholic selections for designated drivers and non-drinkers, craft beers, and traditional lagers. Popular game day snacks such as nachos, burgers, and wings must also be stocked. This entails working with suppliers to obtain the freshest ingredients and enough stock to prevent any shortages in the middle of the game.

Enhancing the Watching Experience

Ensuring every guest gets a fantastic view of the game is essential to the planning process. This includes putting up more displays, moving the furniture to provide the best possible views of the TVs, or even hiring more equipment. The sound quality is equally vital; hence, configuring the sound system to provide clear audio without overpowering talk is essential. A few pubs showing Optus Sport even go to the lengths of installing projectors for life-size viewing or designing themed d├ęcor to improve the ambience.

Preparing for the Mass

The increase in customers calls for more workers. Pubs usually hire more waiters, bartenders, and kitchen workers to handle the extra work. They also provide training for updates on the menu and game night specials. A pub needs a well-organized staff to maintain quick service, control client expectations, and preserve a happy and welcoming environment.

Organizing the Event

Promotion is part of the preparation. Pubs market contests, game day meal specials, and cheap beverages that draw in additional customers. Getting together with neighbourhood associations or sports fan organizations may also increase attendance and make the place livelier at night.

They also work with different teams to improve security, establish entrance and exit points, and have a strategy for dealing with customers.

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